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Vortex of Desire & the song Desire:

A vortex is a feeling or situation that has so much power & influence over you, that it draws you into it's center ... that's desire.  Irresistibly engulfing & disruptive, it can take all of your focus & make you crazy!  I wrote the lyrics to "Desire" from my experience with a man in my life who just brought out that intense wanting & my desire to  get closer to him and for him to let me know he felt the same.

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In This Moment

Sometimes in our relationships with others, we lose ourselves ~ we compromise too much to please the other person; this song is about recognizing that in any given moment we can choose ourself & no matter the mistakes we make or how we feel, we can forgive ourselves & be forgiven ~ we are all precious, rare & beautiful just as we are & will find someone in our lives that accepts everything about us, just as we do about ourselves!


Free Yourself

Sometimes self reflection can be tough & we don't always like what we see.  But once those things can be identified, it's within our power to change them for the better.  Love has the capacity to transcend any perceptions we have that we are missing something ~ it's with us always & we just need the courage to feel it and embrace it, so we can be the best version of ourself.


Little Girl

Let your love light shine!  When I looked at events in the world that cause unnecessary suffering, it was impossible for me not to feel helpless.  I realized that the only thing I could do was just let my light shine, be perfectly me & encourage others to do the same.  I wrote this song for my beautiful niece Heidi, who's heart is genuinely giving & kind.  I wanted her to know that with all the love, she can truly help change things in this world by helping others where she can; one heart at a time.


Thank You for Nothing

Thanks for nothing ~ to change, prove, choose or blame.  Sometimes all you can do is walk away from a relationship that is no longer bringing out the best in you.  I'm extremely grateful for every person in my life, I've learned something from them & about myself each time I've had to say goodbye.

Vortex of Desire

Released:  Feb 2018

Produced By:  Alessandro Ronca

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered (Desire, In This Moment, Free Yourself, Thank You for Nothing):  Alessandro Ronca

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered (Little Girl):  Guillermo Marin

Lyrics & Vocals:  Ginger (Cheryl Bain)

Musicians: Alessandro Ronca,  Eugenio Fiorillo, Alfonso D'Agostino, Cheryl Bain (flute)

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